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A tad late, but... The British Vogue series The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung is a must-watch,

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

It’s very true, the perception that getting into the fashion industry is somewhat a 'many are called, few are chosen' type of thing. Public opinion over the years seems to have narrowed the industry’s professional opportunities to the ‘superstar’ designers or creative directors, forgetting about the diverse pool of people making it all happen. As we journey through each episode, Alexa Chung involves the industry's smorgasbord of achievers; movers-and-shakers; risk-takers - who unapologetically dish the real sauce on the business of fashion.

I can say that I thought the series did a good job of demystifying the idea that the fashion industry favors "chosen ones.” Topic by topic, an easy-breezy Alexa fashion-hops across brands (high-end, heritage, trending, niche, etc.) tasking her interviewees with delivering tangible insight. There's no "How to take over the fashion industry, for Dummies" but there's definitely loads of experience to pull from. Google even got on board to provide Alexa with a list of the most widely searched questions relating to the fashion industry. Some of which are questions that are relevant today as they were about a decade or two ago.

The stigma of the industry as boasting catty and shrewd professionals also surfaces as students, executives and designers relay their own experience and sentiments. Surprisingly, at least to me, the consensus was that people are usually - NICE! The issue of superficiality does raise its head, but even more intriguing is the broader more personal topic of self-image and the representation of women in the industry – size, height, and ethnicity. One conversation pulls the point that research shows that both the runway and sales, prove to do quite well when all women - the world over - are included in the magic of this industry.

SIDE NOTE - Like, I really emphasize taking mental notes when you're watching. AND, I'm not a fan of spoilers - so I do apologize. If you haven't yet, go watch! You can at vogue. (And here I thought that I was late...)

In any case, a favourite interview of mine was that of Olivier Rousteing. He presented a personable, youthful and inviting self who didn’t shy away from sharing how he began in the industry. His very humble beginnings and confidence, along with his personal taste, have been the kerosene to that fire of every Balmain collection. It truly is beautiful to know that his inspiration comes from women who distinctly exude femininity and a power of their own (Case in point - Rihanna!). I must add that I may adopt his philosophy of throwing on a jacket, as part of my own professional signature – thank you!

Another key takeaway for me is the shift in the fashion industry, moving away from having fashion houses dictate fashion, to fashion emerging from the streets. But I’d like to believe that fashion was always so - an underground street movement, maybe just less documented (queue the digital age and selfies). Creatives today now promote themselves independently through their own narratives, whether its a live nude painting setup or an exposed march through public streets.

There's so much being touched on - it's sooo goooooddd! As an Advertising and Marketing major studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I think I quite appreciate the message that there's really a place for everyone in the fashion industry. I would perhaps conclude from watching that the persistence of passion and a consistent commitment to something - a vision, is really how many who were interviewed, had opened their own doors into the fashion industry.

But don't take my word for it, take a visit to vogue to begin the series adventure. There are lots of behind-the-scenes 411.

Happy Wednesday!



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