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Bacon and Eggs!!!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

...Can someone please show up to the Halloween parade this evening in the Village with a full posse dressed as BREAKFAST. I'm over the condiments - give me the real McCoy.

Give me the whole shebang. Let me live througghhh yyoouuuuu!!! I want to see orange juice, coffee, home fries, fruit, toast and if anyone can show up as granola or yogurt - shout out the costume industry! Ohh, and did I forget waffles and steak?

The one time I ever dressed up for Halloween was a couple of years ago when my best friend and a group of us went to a Halloween party at a club. The only thing was this was in Saint Lucia (so that was a mild dose of the real deal), and I dressed like a rockstar - as if that was a costume and not a way of life at the time lol! (I was young, wild and free! :D)

So I don't really count that as having had the "Halloween" experience. I don't think I've ever "trick or treated" and definitely haven't been bacon, which is a long-standing desire of mine.

Sooo to all the beautiful ghouls and goblins, and to that sham of a dream breakfast posse I spoke about, I'm stepping out - regular degular, to the scare parade tonight, because midterms and group projects got a girl like -> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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