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Secret Gems of New York: #1 - The Yellow Cab (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

"I came to New York and said - Let's go to the big apple, have apple juice, and then move somewhere else," said one NYC yellow cab driver. (Not who I refer to in this story)

Apart from the seemingly common yellow-cab rites of passage - i.e.… to either lose your phone; get blown out of this world by a screaming driver touting a horn; throwing up your guts in a drunken stupor; or getting cut off from crossing the street as if you weren't even there - yellow cabs couldn’t be more on point with dishing out NY flavour… And I love it.

I met a cab driver one time, who - and I just can't remember how we got to talking about this - went into talking about his relationship with his 22-year-old girlfriend living in Russia. This man was maybe in his '50s, possibly closer to '60s, and he said that he would come to New York to work for 3-month-stints, and go back to Russia.

The conversation went about, interestingly grasping my attention when he poetically stated that she is at "sunrise," and he at "sunset." What a marvelous metaphor I thought… and that would be his explanation for her cheating on him. This 20-something-minute ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan was about to be everything! Lol.

I was awed when he further elaborated on the uniqueness of the said relationship. He said that being with a young woman helped his prostate… and at this point, it was just TMI (the real TMI -too much information!) I was shaking my head, and he was carrying on.

He was never married he said. And I can’t remember if he said he had kids. I suppose it was just another day for him, and that he was just more open to sharing than I, a passing passenger who was just a listening ear.



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