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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I’m a broke student… so I can’t give up Chinese!

What do I do to strike the balance between eating nutritional REAL healthy food while saving ma’ coins for lunch and laundry? Let me tell you what I was ordering…

When I'd call my Chinese restaurant just a block away, I'd ask for Chinese-spinach-tofu-soup! I was like - this is Chinese… I must be able to get some veggies up in this bishhh! It can't all be chicken and fries; or chicken lo mein.

I figured… I don't need to fine-dine to get some spring rolls, dumplings, and wontons?!?! And I fully knew that veggies don't automatically mean organic, and healthy… but the #Chinese was correct with my budget.

But I did shake my head at myself for thinking that the words "spinach", "soup", and "tofu", actually made my order a legit attempt at eating 'organic'. I bought it anyway, along with like 4 fried wings. (Don’t judge me, they’re really crispy.) Seriously though, I was trying.

A little into the game of feeding myself, I discovered that spending about $70 a week on groceries comfortably got me through breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday - give or take lunch at Chiptole sometimes. Trader Joe’s became a familiar friend, speaking the language of "keeping money in my pocket."

But we - meaning Trader Joes - fell out some time with these obscene check-out lines. (We got back on track because I learned that they moved pretty quickly.) My side-chick was Foodtown and it was more expensive. I'd spend around $92.

The criminals often sapping ma' coins and occupying a bulky section in my grocery basket is salmon (and avocados)!



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