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Gizmo "Lulu" Vintage Clothing and Shit

Just a couple weeks into my Brooklyn life, round my block in Bed-Stuy, I'd notice racks of throwback '90s, '80s, '70s and (as far back as) '60s fashion. I awed at denim jackets and jeans ruffling through the Brooklyn breeze. I remember my first piece of fascination - a shiny sequined mini-dress. I was curious about the designer, and of course, the era.

I'd find some eye-catching piece every time this sidewalk catwalk popped up, and remembered the first time I approached the full of life, chic, statement-making proprietor - @gizmo_vintage_honey.

Vintage became a new world for me. You have to understand, coming from Saint Lucia, the fashion isn't exactly to wear "old" clothes. You wore "old" clothes if you couldn’t afford "modern" clothes. But of course, it's such a shame to closet yourself from the art from across the ages - fashion included!

I fell in love with Vintage in Brooklyn, at "Lulu's Vintage clothing and shit" - and that is totally the name of her store (best believe!). The mix and match of colour, the fierce shoulder pads, the 3/4 sleeves of times past which brought an unapologetic attitude of style - these sleeves are everything!!!

Well, I soon graduated from being a spectator to saving up to make a definite purchase - or more like purchasessss. There was much a selection of clothes which looked like me, I thought… and so did Gizmo.



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