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Korean ErryyyThang Has Been Trending! You're late.

…From K-Beauty, G-Dragon, K-Dramas, K-Pop, Kimichi, Kim Soo-Hyun, Bae Suzy, BTS…and now, Squid Game.

Uhhh sensing some lateness here. Periodt.

The influx of creative productions, skincare, food, and talent that has made its way to our streams, carts, and conversations, has climaxed at the recently released Squid Game. And that is all.

…I haven't watched it yet. But I heard, through the viewing grapevines that it's on track to be, if it is not already, Netflix's biggest show yet. But I secretly hope the second season of Bridgerton can come around... back to its rightful place ~ haha, I joke. (This is only an opinion.)

Really, Korean films and series, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN GREAT. Perhaps if all the other Korean shows had voiceovers, and not subtitles, we would live in a digital universe of Korean shows that would alter our streaming appetites when it comes to plots and twists, love and wit, quirkiness and brilliance, as well as tradition and change.

But for now, the Twitterverse, Instagrammers, Vloggers, and online pop culture sites are all talking "Squid Game." Who knows, come next year, the Emmys might be next for the Netflix series, nominated in a number of categories; winning in a few. #diversity

(Thought's on 2021's Emmys? Just asking.)

Meanwhile… Dave Chappelle's The Closer.

Need I say more?





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