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Show The World

Arriving at Sandals Grande on Saturday, December 2nd, I was greeted by the embrace of familiar faces amidst an atmosphere of elegance and wonder. I had walked into what looked like a world created. It was my first time attending the annual event, Show the World, founded and produced by Ronald “Boo” Hinkson.

From days before I had imagined that I would encounter smooth rhythms from live bass guitars, vibrant melodies enhanced by virtuoso keyboard players, beating drums pulsating energy throughout the crowd, consummate saxophonists, heavenly vocals, and more. I was prepped and ready for a concert – which, I received and confess to have absolutely enjoyed! But better yet, I discovered that at the heart of the event was a whole lot more.

An hour into the show, as I eagerly soaked in the stage's ambiance, it struck me - the event was all about nurturing and exposing young talent professionally packaged on stage. The performances felt like an immersive exploration into the musical journey of the emerging artists, all of whom presented wonderfully as they vibed in their element.

As Boo continued to candidly introduce each young talent by narrating a piece of their story, I couldn’t help but feel segments of the show become emotionally charged. Audience members looked engagingly forward as some artists choked up while giving testimony of how their opportunity to be onstage with Boo that night was a full circle moment. This brought tears to the eyes of many.

For the musicians on stage, the night wasn't only about performance; it was a gathering of musical kinship. I was enchanted by the display of influence from Boo openly sharing his musical brilliance with the next generation of musicians, each of whom expressed their gratitude for how he inspired and contributed to their growth. Show the World unveiled the manifestation of dreams.

Amidst the juicy lineup of hors d'oeuvres and selection of beverages fit for the evening's celebration, were performances laced with laughter and stories, some narrating triumphs and challenges, self-explorations, hopes and passions, as well as happiness and perseverance. It was my inaugural experience and I loved it!

The event left an indelible mark and undoubtedly, it won’t be my last time going. I witnessed a celebration of musicians that encapsulated the spirit of heart, determination, grit and the sweet reward of personal dedication. We all deserve support, encouragement and mentorship on our journey to discover our potential, become who we know we can be, to thrive and “show the world.” This is what Boo provides the younger generation of musicians by composing quality material for them and providing a highly professional platform to deliver that material.

I was delighted to be a part of this space created for musicians and look forward to round two (at least for me), same time next year!





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